What is Healthy Beauty?

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Healthy beauty makes us look better and feel better. Healthy beauty makes us more comfortable in our own skin. Healthy beauty makes us radiant. Healthy beauty means shiny hair, smooth skin, clear eyes, moist lips, firm muscles. Healthy beauty is a palette of colors that brings out our best. Healthy beauty means deep breaths, a nourishing diet, ample sleep, and health that shows from the inside out. Healthy beauty means something a little different to everyone, but something we can all agree on is that Healthy Beauty does no harm.

Given the size of the beauty industry and the complexity of ingredients labels and often inflated performance claims, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaf. What works? What doesn’t? What are all those ingredients? Are they ok for me? Do I have to put up with a long list of questionable, even harmful ingredients to get something that works the way I’d like it to?

There’s a wealth of information out there, brought together by smart people who care.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’d like to thank and recognize the people working hard to pull together information and guidance on this topic. In this vein, we’ll regularly post great finds about healthy beauty, along with new information as it comes our way. We’re going to kick this off with this amazing video by Annie Leonard, called, The Story of Cosmetics, made for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a very compelling, straight forward, account of of “The Ugly Truth of Toxics In, Toxics Out”, as it pertains to the things we slather all over our bodies every day.