Summer Camping Hygiene 101

September 3, 2015

Camping. It’s an affordable, fun way to re-connect with nature and unplug from the rest of the world. Bring along a few close friends, choose a sweet spot, light a crackling fire and memory making shenanigans are sure to ensure. Despite the often idyllic setting, camping also involves dirt, grime, bugs and the occasional marshmallow mishap and doesn’t always involve access to a shower and easy clean up. Maintaining your personal hygiene while roughing it and in close quarters will not only make your trip more enjoyable for you, but your fellow campers will thank you for it. Here are 8 essentials to stash in your backpack to keep you fresh and comfortable for all of your excursions.

Red Flower Wanderlust Hand and Face Towelette 


More than once (if you’re doing this whole outdoors thing right), you’re likely to find yourself completely filthy (think dirt, bugs, sap, etc.) with no access to running water. An alternative to bathing, these handy anti-bacterial, soft fiber cloths use whole essential oils of hinoki cypress wood, gurjum balsam resin, vetivert grass, red cedarwood atlas, mandarin rind, and citrus rockrose oil, to moisturize and stimulate the senses. Give yourself a scrub down each night with one or two wipes. Make sure to get your pits, face, hands, feet and anywhere else sweat, dirt and grime have found there way into. For those with sensitive skin or who prefer something unscented, Acure Organics Argan Towelettes is another great option for your nightly scrub.

HealthyHoohoo Natural Feminine Wipes

No bathroom? No problem! Perfectly portable for your most precious parts these wipes are pH balanced to work with your natural chemistry to keep you clean. Fragrance-free, glycerin free, gluten-free and with just a touch of aloe for moisturizing HealthyHoohoo wipes are perfect for a quick refresher. And these aren’t just for the ladies. Gentlemen, keeping your manly parts clean is equally as important.

EO Organic Lavender Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

Ingesting illness inducing bacteria is never fun, but when there’s no sink to scrub up and you’re far from medical care (or a bathroom), the risk is that much higher. Organic ethanol is a natural disinfectant that does no harm when absorbed into skin or our ecosystem. Use after bathroom breaks, before grabbing a handful of trail mix and before preparing any meals. With no residue left behind you can use this hand sanitizer before each meal or snack or after relieving yourself to reduce the likelihood of getting sick on the trail.


skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo

Easy to use, fast-acting dry shampoo keeps hair feeling (and smelling) fresh and clean while outdoors. Simply shake a small amount over your head, targeting your roots and blend using your fingertips to absorb oil and remove grime without water.


Meraki Sage Orange Deodorant

Before you embark on that long, sweaty hike or when temperatures are likely to climb, take steps to stave off the stink by applying a natural deodorant like Meraki’s Sage Orange Deodorant. This effective formula is not only free of any harsh chemicals, parabens and aluminum compounds, but it’s also completely vegan! Made with organic coconut oil to sooth sensitive skin, pure baking soda to neutralize odors and and arrowroot powder to soak up extra moisture. The scent is also completely customizable, all you have to do is ask!


Skincando Combat Ready Balm

From biting insects to irritating foliage to the chafing that can occur during a long trek, rashes happen and sometimes we just plain forget to put on sunblock. Originally used by soldiers in the war zone, this salve can easily tackle bug bites, minor abrasions, chafing, sun and wind burn to soothe and help heal.



Zoe Organics Insect Repellent

Speaking of the annoying little buggers that can be buzzing around you all night, Zoe Organics Insect Repellent will keep them at bay. Not your ordinary insect repellent, this 100% organic blend of botanical oils will keep the cooties away while you enjoy yourself.


Blue Avocado Essential Pouch

Ok, so there are really nine products on the list, because what camping kit would be complete without a bag to store it all? Blue Avocado’s Essential Pouch easily holds all of these camping necessities. The Essential Pouch is made from upcycled T-shirts right here in the USA, so each bag is completely unique.

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