SkinFare Verdant Remedy Coconut Oil Stick

August 5, 2013


By using only USDA certified organic ingredients, SkinFare makes sure their skincare sticks literally have you covered. Multi tasking coconut oil sticks feature coconut oil, palm fruit oil, beeswax and castor oil blended with essential oils to provide a chem free, effective & hassle free solution to skin care on the go. Integrity of their products is maintained by selecting botanicals from sustainable sources and using local supply chains whenever possible, designing everything in-house (from the organic formulas to the biodegradable packaging) & manufacturing by-hand in small batches.


You’re out and about all day and don’t want to deal with a purse full of product, but also need on the go solutions for dry skin, parched lips, runway hair and other skin related challenges that can pop up, especially while traveling.  Enter SkinFare’s Coconut Oil Sticks, your new best friend.  Use on face, body, lips and hair to smooth, soothe, moisturize and provide  relief from small irritations. Verdant Remedy is as lively and refreshing as a summer day with oils of galbanum, bergamot & basil is specially formulated to reduce the appearance of scars & offer relief from itchy insect bites.

Key Ingredients:

  • Galbanum  essential oils – Reduces scars, stretch marks & blemishes. Known for arthritis relief
  • Bergamot essential oils – Lightens, brightens skin and mood. Improves acne and fades discoloration
  • Basil essential oils – Reduces stress and boosts mental strength

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