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April 13, 2015


You’ve been asking about it all year….when will the next A Night for Green Beauty Deluxe, Limited Edition Goodeboxes be here?  Here’s your chance to sign up to receive notice when they become available for sale.

Cost:  Each box will be $145 ($130 plus $15 shipping & handling) for over $300 worth of product! (Amazing) The goal is to raise $26,000.00 for No Barriers Youth Experience.

When:  The first Deluxe ANFGB Goodebox will be available for purchase July 2nd, 2015 at 8:00am PDT (Pacific Time)

Fine Print:  Or not so fine as we’re making the terms crystal clear here.  There are a very limited supply of these available (200 total), so when the time comes, act fast! They are not customized, no products can be swapped or traded and once purchased, there is no cancellation and no returns, refunds or exchanges.  Shipping within the United States only.

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Please note: While all email is sent to all subscribers at the same time, email delivery times will vary. One subscriber may receive notice as much as 30-60minutes before another due to differences in how email is managed by various platforms.  We have no control over this.  The best way to maximize your chances of being able to purchase a box will be to access the purchase page on the date and time specified.  We will provide notice 18 hours (around noon PDT the day before) before each box becomes available to purchase.   If you’re not on this list by then, you won’t receive the email notice.  The best way to maximize your chances of being able to purchase a box will be to access the purchase page at the time it becomes available by bookmarking it the night before or using the link provided in the email. The purchase page will be visble, but the Add to Cart button will only be visible at the designated selling time of 8am PDT (Pacific time) on each sale date.

The event itself, A Night for Green Beauty, will take place on August 6, 2015  in Chicago, IL.  Meet the creators behind these incredible brands, get to know them and their range of safe and gorgeous products. Here is a sneak peak at the brands who will take part.


A Night for Green Beauty Brands

A Night for Green Beauty Sponsors

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