Poppy & Elle Knotted Hair Ties

February 25, 2015



As a high school senior with a very business-minded family, Caroline Tillman too caught the entrepreneurial fever. She started her first business in early 2011. The feather hair extension fad was just beginning and Caroline used the opportunity to start an Etsy business retailing the crazy-popular grizzly rooster feathers. However, when the trend began to fade, she quit while she was ahead.

It was due to this early success that Poppy & Elle was created. Looking for her next business venture, Caroline came upon a great alternative to painful, hair denting drugstore elastics: knotted hair ties with a wider band that not only don’t damage hair, but look pretty on your wrist! She took this idea and made it her own, with novel color combinations, unique prints, and tie-dye.


Poppy & Elle Hair Ties are prettier than generic drugstore elastics and work just as well and are hand tied here in the U.S. What’s more, they don’t leave dents or damage hair. Wear them as an everyday accessory, while exercising, or for a special occasion. One size fits all. Unlike most brands of wide-banded elastic hair ties, Poppy and Elle’s are heat sealed to prevent fraying over time. (Vegan)




Use in place of generic hair ties or wear on wrist as a super cute fashion accessory.

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