Lotus Moon Natural Skin Brightening Complex

February 2, 2015

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Lotus Moon is an active, natural and organic skin care line that uses therapeutic blends of essential oils and extracts along with concentrated levels of active ingredients to address various imbalances of the skin. In line with principles of sustainability and whole body wellness, their products are paraben-free, petrochemical-free, safe and beneficial for our bodies, and their production takes into consideration the impact on the planet.


Paired with the right sun protection, this brightening complex helps to gradually lighten areas of hyper- pigmentation, or dark spots.  This extremely effective, highly concentrated treatment combines the clarifying, antiseptic and skin brightening properties of Azelaic Acid, a naturally occurring yeast helpful in lightening dark acne spots or melasma, along with Kojic Acid.  Derived from Japanese mushrooms, Kojic Acid disrupts the skin’s production of melanin by acting on the amino acid tyrosine, thereby reducing irregular pigmentation.  As the skin cells shed, areas of discoloration begin to fade, and skin’s ability to produce more dark spots is decreased.  Win-win! (Vegan)

How to Use

For overall skin brightening, apply evenly to skin morning and night. To balance uneven pigmentation, use only on areas with noticeable discoloration. During the day, always follow with a generous application of SPF 20+ sunscreen. Must be consistently used every day and night. Expect to see results within 3-6 weeks.  Best for those without sensitive skin or eczema.

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