Jacobsen Salt Co. Slide Tin

September 8, 2014


Led by Proprietor Ben Jacobsen, who strives to create the best finishing salt America has to offer, Jacobsen Salt Co. procures pure salt crystals straight from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast using traditional, hand harvesting methods.


These pure sea salts have gained much critical acclaim for their beautiful taste, texture & appearance. Used by chefs and home cooks around the world, their salt flavors the dishes of discerning chefs across the country. The Jacobsen Salt Co. Slide Tin is perfect for your bag, chest pocket, or purse. Take your favorite finishing salt with you wherever you go to make each bite that much better. Slide tins are also a great party favor.


~Rich natural source of up to 75 trace minerals
~Available in bulk orders


Sprinkle on vegetables and lean protein dishes to enhance taste in lieu of heavy, calorie laden sauces, this natural salt is a favorite of Sadie’s and is a staple in her pantry and on-the-go bag. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly!


100% Pure Sea Salt

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