“As a nutrition professional, I care just as much about what goes in the body as what goes on the body.  I love that Goodebox does most of the work of vetting the quality of the products for me, and all I have to do is try them out! Easy, convenient,cost effective and fun for me and my clients. I love Goodebox!” –Heather S.

“My Goodebox membership is very valuable to me. The line of products on the market that are vegan and natural is overwhelming, and I feel blessed to have so many choices. However, it is work trying to discover what those products are. Not to mention the financial burden of trying and buying many items to find what works. Goodebox does for me, what I don’t have the time or money to do for myself, and I love you guys for it. I feel so fortunate to have discovered your membership services at Healthy Bitch Daily.”  Lynda H.

“I am new to Goodebox, and July was my first delivery. I just wanted to give you some feedback: I LOVE IT! I am so pleased with the products I received. They are all high quality and luxurious items. Most importantly, their ingredient lists meet my standards. I am so happy that you introduced me to new brands, like Revolution Organics, Miessence, and Benecos. I’ve also been wanting to sample A Perfume Organic for a while, too. While I already own the 100% Pure coffee bean eye cream, I plan to share this sample with my mom. I’ve been wanting her to try it, too!”  Susanna C.

I just got this month’s box. It’s even better than last month…love the products you selected this month! I’m already excited to see what comes next month. Thanks Goodebox!  Leah D.

I just have to say , you guys have THE BEST customer service I have ever experienced. You respond promptly, you actually read what is written in emails instead of just giving a vague reply, you are super friendly when you write back, and so far you have done everything to make my Goodebox experience the best it could possibly be. I’ve been in contact about several things I had questions about and … every email I get back from you guys has answered my questions, resolved my concerns, AND made sure I was left super satisfied. I really appreciate it!! This is only my first month with Goodebox, but you guys rock! (:  Mystry J.

Just received my FIRST Goodebox and am I ever pleased! What an amazing assortment of products! I love it – thanks so much!  Michele C.

Yay just got back from vacation to yet another awesome goodebox! I am never disappointed, I’m always so appreciative of the quality products I receive 🙂 Ryan C.

I just want to say that I’m on month three and my expectations are surpassed each time. Unlike the other boxes I’ve tried that feature products I can easily find at Ulta or Sephora, this box introduces me to product lines that I would not have discovered on my own. For example, I just spent some time exploring the Shea Terra Organics website thanks to the latest box. I’m so impressed that I’ll be ordering some other products from them to try. Thank you thank you thank you!  Emily T.

”Love the service.   I’ve found several products I can’t live without.”  Ann M.

I joined to sample some different products and switch out my usual cosmetics to organic and more natural products. I feel that my membership has accomplished that and now I have switched out nearly all cosmetics, lotions etc to ones that are more natural.  I liked so many of the products that I ended up purchasing full sized products.  I’ve very much enjoyed the service and felt like I was receiving a snail mail gift each month in my mailbox!  Banita M.

“LOVE Goodebox!!! But I am moving overseas for a year, so I am very sad to have to cancel my subscription. I will certainly reinstate it when I return, though! YES! I discovered so many amazing new products through Goodebox, for which I am very grateful. Yes. Although larger samples would of course always be enticing, many of them have lasted a long time despite their seemingly small size! Love them. Small companies with natural ingredients and responsible policies. Yes, I do. It’s a little luxury that I look forward to receiving every month.  Has recommended to friends and family.”  Sophia D.

“It’s a good way to get into healthy beauty.  I have found products that work for me.”  Aileen C.

“Loved the products. Always had something that i never knew i needed until i got to sample it.  Great brands.  Reasonable monthly dues for what you get. I have recommended it to many friends already. It’s different from other monthly beauty shipments because of all the natural products.”  Megan H.

“This subscription is by far my favorite of the 5 that I subscribe to. Your message, your products, your Customer Service is all top notch and I am very glad to be a part of it! In the four boxes that I have received so far, I have loved every single one. And any time I have a question or issue, my emails are always responded to in a timely manner and with the utmost care. Thank you for providing this amazing service, and for standing out in a sea of sub-par beauty boxes. You have a long time subscriber in me!”  Sarah T.

“It’s fun to get a gift in the mail every month, and then to spend time testing all the products.  I always enjoyed at least two-three products in every Goodebox. It would be unreasonable to expect to fall in love with every product that arrived each month, but the ones that I found were worth it.” Stephanie  M.

“I love all the products.  The cosmetics were the perfect color for me, and skincare products were exactly what I needed. [The only things I didn’t enjoy getting were the edible things – I liked them, but I buy things like that anyway, so they weren’t as exciting as the others. ] I ordered the full-size versions of some of the products, and they continue to be in my daily regimen. I love that they are  all green, and I learn  about new brands.  Great for someone is looking to try out products to integrate into their skincare regimen.” Jennifer K.

“I look forward to Goodebox delivery every single month. The selections never disappoint, and I’ve become a fan of several new organic, eco-friendly brands thanks to how each collection is carefully curated.”  Sarah G.M.

“Goodebox has really filled a need in the market. We are blessed to now have a plethora of choices when it comes to healthier, organic and natural companies – but it can be quite time consuming (and costly!) to figure out what works for you. Goodebox allows you to discover new products, figure out what works for you, and then order at a discount. Plus, the small sample sizes are great for travel!” Caitlin B.

“I’ve been into beauty products my entire adult life. While fun, it’s not an obsession that’s easy on the wallet, and, as I’ve come to learn over the years, not always healthy for me or the environment. Goodebox has been a godsend in that it let’s me try products before shelling out money for full-sized ones that I might not like, and it’s allowed me to systematically replace my everyday drugstore and department store go-tos (make-up, lotion and haircare) with eco-friendly alternatives.” Rebecca M.