Ecojot Mini Notebook

December 1, 2014



Ecojot creates eco-friendly stationery, paper goods and custom products that feature whimsical and inspirational designs. Their love for paper, the planet and art has enabled them to create a sustainable brand available in hundreds of locations around the world. Through their GIVE program, they have donated over 255,000 workbooks and 84,000 pens to children in Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Poland, Honduras, Niger, St. Lucia, Granada, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and many more…bringing hope, imagination and opportunities to children in need around the world.


Sometimes it’s best to go old school, especially when it’s this cool.  50 blank sheets inside this darling pen on wood design mini journal makes it a cinch to jot down holiday shopping lists, quotes, big ideas, even your favorite new beauty & well products. Made in Canada using 100% post-consumer recycled paper and veggie inks and adhesives, a portion of each ecojot sale allows their GIVE Program to provide writing tools for children in need around the world, helping them write their way out of poverty and violence.  A very good gift that gives back!


~ Size 3×4″
~ 50 blank sheets
~ All paper and board is made from 100% post-consumer waste
~ Designed and printed in Canada


We think this is pretty self explanatory.  Be sure to check out Ecojots darling stationery, holiday cards and more

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