April 2012 Goodebox

Savon Du Bois Carefree Shampoo & Body Bar

carefree shampoo bar


Savon Du Bois handcrafts their soaps and body products in small batches using only the purest, quality ingredients, many of which are organic and sourced locally. All of their products are free of harmful chemicals, parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oils, and other harmful ingredients. Every unique soap is made exclusively with goat’s milk packed with nourishing fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals making each one exceptionally creamy, highly moisturizing, and healing!


Simplify your clean-up routine with this 2- in-1 bar. Why you two products when you can use one? Savon Du Bois Carefree Shampoo & Body Bar with Argan Oil offers a simple path to clean, healthy skin and hair with great body and shine.

Key Ingredients:

Argan oil – Strengthens the protein bonding structures in the skin which works to tighten the skin and make it look fresh.

Lemongrass and peppermint oils – Stimulate the skin and scalp as well as gently remove dirt and reduce excess oils.

Castor oil – Provides great moisture & lather.

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Linda Kammins Daily Shine Shampoo


Linda Kammins makes small batch, aromatherapy based, bio-harmonic line of hair & skincare products developed by Linda Kammins for her Los Angeles salon and clients.

“Daily Shine Shampoo” is considered a living, active formula. One of the main features of this vibrant shampoo is the regenerative action of the Copper Peptides. When close to the scalps surface it stimulates the blood vessels that supply a vital flow of nutrients and assist in the growth of the hair follicle. This shampoo formula is a union of a natural corn base combined with synergistic active nutrients that direct the essential purpose of delivering these vital nutrients to your “hair garden”. Never exploiting the use of harsh chemical preservatives.  The Daily shine Shampoo is a concentrate and works best when diluted in a separate applicator bottle. You can use purified water, however the “Soothing Waters” is highly recommended.

Green Living Guru Renee Loux says, ” This is my go-to shampoo during my first pregnancy, it kept my hair shiny & healthy at a time when hormones can wreak havoc on hair.  I felt great knowing I was using something safe for baby and effective for me.”  Learn more.

True Natural All Natural Active Sunscreen SPF 40


Brand: True Natural

True Natural provides high-performance, chemical-free personal care products that are made in the U.S. using 100% natural ingredients, certified organic whenever possible, and always animal cruelty free.

About the product:
  • Only natural & organic ingredients
  • No Nanoparticles, Biodegradable & Cruelty Free
  • Immediately effective UVA/UVB Protection
  • Goes On Clear, Non-Whitening
  • For Face & Body

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