AILA Cosmetics #likeaboss Nail Polish

December 1, 2014


AILA’s goal is to provide healthy alternatives to traditional nail products. Nails are often thought of as impermeable barriers, THIS IS NOT TRUE. They are porous and can easily absorb chemicals like skin. Additionally, traditional products for nails are often rife with ingredients that are drying and damaging. Not AILA, theirs are always ‘5 Free’ and Vegan as well as free of Parabens and Gluten.


AILA Cosmetics in collaboration with Beau Tea Bar has created a beautiful limited edition 5 Free nail color (featured first in the December Goodebox!) that celebrates the fabulosity of lady bosses everywhere. This #likeaboss gold is striking with rose undertones, perfect to rock out for the holiday season or share with a friend who needs a little sparkle in their life.  Goode sparkly love!


~5 Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan
~Made WITHOUT Parabens
~Cruelty Free
~Chip-resistant, super shiny, long-lasting
~Made in the USA


Get Crafty! Try stripes, polka dots or a zigzag pattern to really make your freshly painted, gold nails stand out.

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